"Astronomy Experience"

Description: The observation sessions are an audiovisual description of the physical characteristics of the objects to be observed, such as: the Moon, planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, etc. followed by a practical observation using professional telescopes of 400 and 120 mm. diameter. If possible, we also try to obtain an image with a DSRL camera to any of the objects observed and as a welcome we include a naked eye walk with the help of a laser pointer through the various constellations visible from El Priorat at 41º latitude. To finish and comment on the session we would offer you a glass of wine.

Most of the activities take place inside an observatory protected from the wind and the fresh air that sometimes accompany us in El Priorat. The observatory is at 378 m. of height in a wooded area.

Observation days: Friday and Saturday.

Time schedule: The sessions begin at 10pm in the summer and at 9pm. in winter. The duration is 2.5 h. approximately.

Reservations and information: The communication is preferably through the e-mail "" or if it is urgent, please call the phone +34 646512755



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